Photo Gallery

Photos from the 2014 Upper Delaware BioBlitz at the Ten Mile River Scout Camp in Tusten, New York are posted in publicly accessible Facebook albums. Follow the links below:

Scott Rando's Photos

Dave Soete's Photos

Roy Morsch's Photos

Linda Reik's Photos

Nicole Slevin's Photos

Steve Schwartz's Photos


Here are some photos from our initial site visits to the Ten Mile River Scout Camp, site of the 2014 Upper Delaware BioBlitz.


There were many great photos taken at the 2013 Upper Delaware BioBlitz, see links below.

Roy Morsch's Photos

Sandy Long's Photos

Mark Terwilliger's Photos

Scott Rando's Photos

Barbara Yeaman's Photos

Jon Gelhaus's Photos

Steven Schwartz's Photos

If you have any photos from the event you would like to be posted please send them to or post them on the Facebook page



Ed Rogers and the Delaware Riverkeeper Network produced a series of 3 videos on the 2014 Upper Delaware BioBlitz.

You can view all 3 videos on this playlist at YouTube

If you are interested in airing these videos on your local TV station or in your classroom please contact Ed Rogers.